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Refer Business to Plaza Dynamics and get $200

Refer business connections, friends, co-workers or family members to us and get rewarded!. We know that referrals are a vital part of building business relationships. We also know that our local referral partners become the trusted resource network to our client base as their business needs change, multiply and grow. If you provide complementary technology or services to small and medium businesses, why not explore this relationship opportunity and reap the benefits of your business connections.

Do you know a company that may need ultimate IT Support or IT Purchasing needs? We pay $200 for any recurring monthly business referral that you give us that turns into a qualified business opportunity! There is no limit to how many leads you give us. If you refer a lot of businesses, you get rewarded for each new account!*. Give us five leads and get $1000, give us 10 leads and get $2000. You get the gist. Anyone can give us a referral… Just send us an email about a company you know that needs IT support or IT Purchasing needs. If it turns into an sale we’ll pay you $200.

If the referral turns into a recurring service, then you get 100% of the first month’s recurring revenue of the account contract. For example, if we sign a $1,000 a month client from your referral, then you get $1,000.

It’s easy, free to join and can be a great way to earn residual income while helping businesses benefit from our extensive IT service, sale and support systems…. just fill out our simple form below and we’ll handle the rest.

Getting Started!
Request admission to the Plaza Dynamics Referral Program by completing our online Referral Interest Form below. We’ll review the application and contact you directly. If approved, you’ll be added to an elite list of quality partners, sent our Referral Partner welcome package and put in touch with the local Plaza Dynamics consultant.

Easy Lead Submission After Partnership Approval
Upon approval, simply enter your referral into our online Referral Lead Form or contact your local Consultant. That’s all you need to do. We close the sale, and when your referral becomes a Plaza Dynamics client, your referral bonus begins to accrue.

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