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How Healthy Is Your Website?

In today's business climate, an effective web presence is an essential marketing tool. Used properly a website will help your business to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve communications and much, much more.

However, many businesses sites are under-performing and they see few, or none of these benefits. The question is... what can be done to improve the situation?

The Cure

If your website has one or more of the following symptoms:
  • Poor or outdated design
  • Not enough visitors
  • Unreliable hosting
  • Expensive to update
  • Doesn't conform to the latest regulations
...then Plaza Dynamics Website Doctor has been specifically developed to help your business.

Your Web Doctor is fully equipped to help improve the performance of your site.

An initial health check of your site will examine the areas for concern, and diagnose whether it requires simple remedial care or major surgery. Your highly qualified Web Doctor will then prescribe an effective treatment (treatments overleaf) tailored to suit your specific requirements.

After the initial consultation we are confident that you will decide to place your site in our care.

Once there, using our state-of-the-art Website therapy, your Web Doctor can deliver:
  • Advanced site design
  • Improved layout, with better site navigation
  • Increased visitors with regular reporting
  • Content management system to allow regular site updates
  • Fast and reliable hosting
The objective of the treatment is to attract more visitors and, when they arrive, give them a more rewarding experience.

By serving existing customers better and winning new ones, we are confident that your sales and profits will stage a remarkable recovery.

Why not try our recommended treatments:

Website Review

Our team of qualified Web Doctors will carry out a thorough review of your site. They will diagnose its state of health and generate a prescription in the form of a report, which will include recommendations for improvement.

Site Transfer

We will transfer your site on to our secure and highly efficient hosting facility. Once there, we will integrate it into our Content Management System*. You can then choose to update the site yourself (using our cutting edge content management tools), or to engage one of our trained consultants, so as to ensure it is achieving its objectives. * Subject to site suitability

Web Marketing

To be successful your site needs to attract as many visitors as possible. Our Consultants will help your business by prescribing and delivering highly effective treatments that will make your site more visible on the major search engines and directories. The treatments they will offer include both submission and optimisation services, and will be specifically designed to get your site into peak condition.

(for further information please contact us for our Web Marketing Information)

Managed Hosting

Whilst your site is in our care, we will ensure it's always available. So that the success of your treatments can be monitored, we will also deliver regular reports on visitor traffic.

Site Re-Design

If your site fails to respond we may recommend drastic surgery in the form of site re-design. Our clinics are equipped with the very latest technology, and are able to offer a variety of cost-effective treatments.

How will the Web Doctor benefit my business?

At Plaza Dynamics we believe your website should be an investment - not a cost. By consulting your local Web Doctor you can ensure that the investment you have made in your website pays off.

A healthy website can produce many valuable benefits for your business, including:
  • Improved Customer Service - access to your business for anyone, anywhere, at any time
  • More Effective Marketing Communications - constantly up to date
  • Increased Sales and Revenue - open for business 24x7x365
  • Improved Trading Relationships - greater visibility of your business activities and needs
  • Reduced Operating Costs - a cost-effective way to trade and communicate
Your Web Doctor can help your business to profit from these benefits.

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