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PlazaPowerIT -- Power Management Solutions From Eaton


Backup Power

The Eaton® 9E UPS gives IT managers an easy way to manage the power in their data center, without having to worry about cost, space or downtime. Developed specifically for IT managers, the 9E confronts typical data center problems head on. It addresses ROI, energy costs, remote management, and efficiency…giving you more time to focus on other important data center issues. The unit even delivers up to 21 minutes of runtime on the internal batteries!

Key features and benefits:

  • Up to 98% efficiency
  • Maximum runtime through internal batteries
  • Compact footprint occupies less floor space
  • Reduced installation costs


Home Desktop: Eaton 3S |

Data Closet/ Data Center (SMB): Eaton 5SC | Eaton 9PX | Eaton 9155 | Eaton 9390/9390IT | Eaton 9130 Tower | Eaton 5PX | Eaton 9130 Rack | Eaton 5P Tower | BladeUPS | Eaton 9170+ | Eaton 5P Rack | Eaton 9355 |

Enterprise Data Storage: Eaton 9170+ | Eaton 9PX | BladeUPS | Eaton 9355 | Eaton 93E | Eaton 9155 |

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